Rave On: A+R La Brea Celebrates

  • A+R La Brea

  • Rose shoots Artecnica's Enrico Bresson and friend (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Artecnica co-founder Enrico Bressan and friend

  • Our amazing architect partners in A+R, Barbara Bestor and project architect on the new La Brea store Daniel Rabin (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Chef Nina Clemente and our fave man of style Wade Rambharose (Photo by Mike-Windle)

  • The tall and lovely Amelia Fleetwood and Kirsty Hume (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Vitsoe's Rob Fissmer and editor Beso.com editor in chief Elise Loehnen (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Jewelry designer Gabriella Artigas and her business partner-sister Tere Artigas flanking Kinky bandmate-accessory designer Carlos Chairez. (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Scott Nathan, Rose-Apodaca and Bryan-Rabin (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • "R" mom Rosita Apodaca and "R" Rose Apodaca (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Deejay Kiino Villand with Jennifer and Kim Watson (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Neighbor and designer Kelly Cole, publicist Jessica Trent and Sarah Aaronson (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Gerard Rodriguez, A+R West manager Chandler Neville, Dolores Melgoza and Will Uyesugi (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Sempli barware designer Danne Semeraro and other half, interior designer Melissa Haft (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Ceramicist Chris Stiles (right) and his business partner-wife Cindy Stiles (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • District La Brea publicist Scarlet Garcia and Ken Sena (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Carly Wise and sister Courtney Wise, our trusted rep for Stelton and Design House Stockholm (Photo by Mike Windle)

  • Light installation by David Trubridge

  • Guests check out the new "Security" collection by Cast of Vices—including the "Sensor Tag" piece designed by Andy

  • Artist and contemporary art specialist Lyn Winter

  • Eyewear designer (and soon to be A+R neighbor!) Garrett Leight and wife Cindy Leight

  • Hairstylist Alexis Roberts Keiner and Jennifer Watson

  • Lorraine Getz, Natasha Kaplan and friend

  • Jayson Larson, the man who wears the hat at next door boutique, Kelly Cole

  • Alexis Roberts Keiner and Kim and Jennifer Watson

  • Bartender extraordinaire and an honorary member of the A+R family, Bryan Carter

  • R+A? Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith

A drizzle of rain during an otherwise sunny period can be an omen of good fortune in some circles. In L.A., it could mean an excuse for even the best of friends to stay home. Thankfully, the wet kiss from the afternoon sky by nightfall didn’t dampen spirits among the hundred-odd friends of A+R who turned out to celebrate the grand opening of the new store on La Brea Avenue Thursday night.

So many came from such a distance, too! Among them, A+R super (style) pals Natasha and Tom Kaplan who drove east from Venice and my own family who drove up from Laguna Beach and Long Beach.

Our team was truly incredible making it all work given we had so many details to wrap up to get the store looking good for the occasion—and the 11th hour decision to do an American Express commercial the very same day across town in Abbot Kinney (more on that to come!). Some of their contributions came even before the day—be it Conor Ford and Melanie Abrantes wielding hammers and screw guns; Kurysa Hodges dashing about merchandising; or our HQ glue Dani Sender and AK assistant manager Annie Cassel juggling along with our AK manager Chandler Neville, who gamely ended up participating in the ad!

That we were all still smiling, standing (some of us in high heels on the concrete, no less) and enjoying a toast together by the end of the night was truly remarkable. Among them were our newest members, Alex Dinari and Bogart Paz, who proved they have grace and charm to be a part of our extended family.

p.s. Our apologies to the many folks who learned about this party the day after and discovered that their invites were in spam folders and the like. Too many of you! Next time we will send out invites through more than one channel. And there will be more parties!


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