2013 February Archive

Time Flies

By: Conor Ford

Peaceful, beautiful, serene. Probably not the first words to pop into our heads when we think about a clock. In today’s world, we’re more likely to have the words “appointment,” “deadline” and “late” flash across our brains in red neon when confronted with a time piece. But what if we replace the clock’s unsympathetic digits […]

Oscar Night? We’ll Be Shouting For “Fresh Guacamole”!

By: Rose Apodaca

What does it to take to be an Oscar contender? One-hundred-five seconds. Or so it is in the talented hands of the animator who, under the nom de animación Pes, created the cheeky “Fresh Guacamole.” The 1 minute-45-second stop-action short, which was painstakingly created without computer effects, also has the distinction of the shortest film […]

As Seen On TV: On The “Edge” On KTLA

By: Rose Apodaca

What better way to spend the morning of President’s Day than zapping the hosts on the KTLA Morning News with Jimmyjane’s new Hello Touch? We kept it very clean, of course, referring to it as simply a personal massager. The Touch was among the products featured during my quickie segment on “Edgy Design” on the […]

Love Large in 2013

By: Rose Apodaca

All of us at A+R (including Nina, our toddler between us here) wish you a rich year filled with optimism and laughter. xAndy+Rose p.s. Thank you to Ramona Rosales, part of the extended A+R family, for taking the care every year to collaborate on the concept and photographing our annual Valentine’s Day card.