2013 March Archive

High Five to this Hi-Fi

By: Conor Ford

I don’t know about you, but I live 95% of my life against a soundtrack. Music keeps my mind balanced and my soul active. Something with such resonance in my life deserves the best possible form of delivery. Symbol Audio serves up a stunning option with the Tabletop Hi-Fi system. More fine furniture than routine stereo, […]

Read Up: Zeitguide

By: Rose Apodaca

The first quarter is under our collective belt, yet we’re still soaking up the insight offered in Zeitguide 2013, the inaugural almanac from Grossman & Partners that taps the, er, zeitgeist in everything from finance and fashion to education and advertising. Don’t be thrown by the throwback design of Zeitguide‘s online presence or limited-edition printed […]

Articulating 3D Printing

By: Rose Apodaca

For all the gobsmacking developments in 3D printing, executing something with all the ever-shifting suppleness of fabric has been as much a challenge for the design engineer as it has the fashion designer. How to sinter nylon powder into, say, a dress that actually responds to the natural movements and physical curves of the wearer […]