Love Dad

  • The 203 Series by UK-based Uniform Wares. Keeping it cool in blue.

  • We recommend La Boite Concept's Hi-Fi Soundsystem for the audio-philic fathers.

  • The MM05t Solo Traveler Handset easily plugs into the cellphone, laptop, or iPad of the Dad on the go.

  • The 203 Series by Uniform Wares will go with any Dad in matte black.

  • My Dad loves these whiskey tumblers by Normann Copenhagen that he got last Christmas.

  • The QlockTwo Touch Table Alarm Clock for the ultimate modern father.

  • The Pen Type-A is hand-made in Vermont and, incidentally, the perfect office accessory.

  • The 203 Series by Uniform Wares with a modern Rose Gold case.

  • The Bellows Bags by Nava look sleek and have enough compartments for all of Dad's gadgets.

  • For the Dad who's got it all: RS Barcelona's indoor/outdoor Foosball Table.

It’s only one official day a year that we get a full 24 hours to celebrate the fathers in our lives. Mark the occasion with something the Old Man might actually love.

We’ve pulled together a few items that not only make us think fondly of Dad, but when he pulls off the bow and wrapping, will make him think fondly of us. Or so we hope. Whether it’s something like an indestructible writing pen for Dad’s desk; a convenient mobile handset for the father with all the frequent flyer miles; or a customizable Foosball Table for the Dad who has it all, these are the gifts that truly keep on giving. (Click on the image to learn more about each item.)

And as many of us know, fatherhood is not restricted to genetics. Some fathers we are born to, and some fathers we choose. So let’s take this opportunity to celebrate all of the men in our lives who have acted fatherly.

Happy Father’s Day from A+R!

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