2013 July Archive

Digging Bettina Hubby

By: Rose Apodaca

What do a mirrored disco ball, a dirt-caked bulldozer and half a dozen pasta salads have in common? In the creative feasts that are inevitably an apogee to the multidimensional explorations of Bettina Hubby, they are facets of not only the human condition, but the interactions, including clashes, that result from community. The ball, bulldozer […]

Human Pods and Tranquil Havens

By: Emily Chang

Desperate for privacy, a cocoon-like pod provides refuge from the ubiquitous presence always listening. Even then, the space-flying egg is no escape for Dr. Poole and Dr. Bowman from HAL, the menacing machine in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Be it an EVA space pod or under the cover of a bed sheet, humans […]

La Chance pour le Futur

By: Conor Ford

Thirty minutes into a recent conversation with a client about Mid-Century design, we both came to the conclusion we preferred French to Danish. But in my head I wondered, ‘why is that?’ My thoughts must be loud, because the client answered back: “It’s aesthetically better because of the proportions.” Hauling anything up five flights to […]

Put a Cap on the Fourth

By: Alex Dinari

As grills from coast to coast fire up this Fourth of July, we at A+R believe a meatless Independence Day isn’t necessarily unpatriotic. On my grill this supersized of American holidays will be the Portabella mushroom. Available year-round, select Portabellas with a tight underside and light-colored gills. With a mighty Star Spangled Spatula by J. […]

This Thursday…

By: Rose Apodaca

How Do You Live With That?: 1600 Vine

By: Rose Apodaca

In this edition of HDYLWT, we visit 1600 Vine in Hollywood, a luxury apartment complex, and specifically 1 of 4 units designed and staged by 8 ASID interior designers. The project was part of the recent Los Angeles Design Festival and Dwell Labs/LA, and a partnership among Dwell Media, LLC and Klein Financial. Interior designer […]