How Do You Live With That?: 1600 Vine

  • Opposite the verdant Wooly Wally Pocket wall is the fold-away office. Note two A+R favorites: the Fierzo Desk Organizer by Alessi on the second shelf and the Cammeo Porcelain Containers by Kahler on the desk shelf atop the books.

  • The fold-out desk ready for action.

  • Not available at A+R, but cool all the same.

  • The Tabletop Hi-Fi Soundsystem by Symbol Audio is customizable in a range of wood finishes and case colors at A+R.

  • Another view of the Hi-Fi by Symbol Audio.

  • Always love a Noguchi Table (even if we don't stock it!).

  • Against the glass brick tiles in the bathroom, the Kali Cabinet by Doshi Levien for Authentics and available at A+R.

  • The glass shelf of the Kali Bathroom Cabinet can be extended and the mirror is a clip-on feature that's also available in red.

  • A modern day incarnation of the Murphy bed.

  • All this hidden behind the wall!

In this edition of HDYLWT, we visit 1600 Vine in Hollywood, a luxury apartment complex, and specifically 1 of 4 units designed and staged by 8 ASID interior designers. The project was part of the recent Los Angeles Design Festival and Dwell Labs/LA, and a partnership among Dwell Media, LLC and Klein Financial.

Interior designer Darra Bishop of Bespoke Design had the challenge of dressing unit No. 813, a 612-square-foot studio apartment. To maximize its use, the place was fitted with a fold-away bed and fold-up desk. Because every single piece really matters in terms of function and form in such a gem of a unit, Darra selected a few items from A+R that would have maximum benefits in such a gem of a space.

Darra’s conception of No. 813: This residence faces Sunset Blvd. and is occupied by a woman in her early-20’s, a student of Hollywood’s American Academy for Dramatic Arts. Hailing from Texas, she is an aspiring actress whose current livelihood is being subsidized by her family. She loves film noir, Hollywood musicals, and classic Hollywood starlets like Garbo, Hepburn, and Monroe. Recently, she discovered the Chinese garden at The Huntington Museum & Gardens in Pasadena, and has had recurrent psychedelic dreams inspired by its forms. She frequents the many clubs and restaurants her neighborhood has to offer, returns home late and often writes—poetry, ideas for scripts, journaling, school papers—into the early morning hours. Often, she has a classmate or two over to rehearse scenes and watch movies for class.

Scroll through the slide show above for a peek inside. Images featuring A+R products can be clicked for more details.

You can still visit the the units through this Wednesday evening. For more information, click here. THANK YOU to Darra and her associate Karen Saeki for including A+R in their showcase.

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