La Chance pour le Futur

  • The back of the Borghese Sofa inspired by Cypress trees at the Borghese Villa in Rome.

  • The Vulcain Lamp with marble base and gold shade.

  • Trompe-l'œil with the Float Coffee Table.

  • Shelving doesn't have to be boring, as proven by the Climb Shelving.

  • The aluminum version of the Vulcain Lamp.

  • My first La Chance piece: The aluminum Vulcain Lamp casting beautiful shadows in my bedroom.

  • The Bolt Stool in black with copper ring is at the top of the list for my next La Chance piece.

  • The Tembo Stools -- possibly inspired by rocket ships...

Thirty minutes into a recent conversation with a client about Mid-Century design, we both came to the conclusion we preferred French to Danish. But in my head I wondered, ‘why is that?’ My thoughts must be loud, because the client answered back: “It’s aesthetically better because of the proportions.” Hauling anything up five flights to a modest pied-à-terre in the 6th requires some consideration. “If that sofa were Danish,” the client remarked, “it would be 2 feet longer”.

The piece he gestured to was the Borghese Sofa by nouveau French design collective La Chance. Released in 2012, it’s definitely not Mid-Century by way of age or aesthetics. Yet this sofa holds true to those French proportions set so many decades ago. Truth be told, I’ve been having a love affair with La Chance for about 9 months now and it’s starting to get serious.

We first met in Paris, October of last year, on the Rive Gauche on the rue de Sèvres. I was there on a month-long sabbatical, which I’ve found increasingly necessary at the ripe old age of 24. Walking through Le Bon Marché, there it is was: the most beautifully designed faux-appartement setup I had ever seen. From the marble lamps to the rocket ship-shaped stools, the tree-mimicking sofa and the coffee table suspended in time, there wasn’t one thing I would have changed. The words “La Chance” hovered over the scene, illuminated like a cue from the divine. As if this was la chance to see what lies ahead…

After gawking for about 30 minutes, I ran to Café de Flore to meet my sister for lunch and to tell her I had seen the future! She was rightfully a little confused. I spent the meal Google-ing, trying to find out everything I could about La Chance. It turns out co-founders Jean-Baptiste Souletie and Louise Breguetbeen birthed the brand in 2011 and what I had seen was the premiere collection entitled “Jekyll & Hyde.” In an approach not unlike ours at A+R, Jean-Baptiste and Louise act not as designers or manufacturers themselves, but as editors. They work with designers across Europe, developing a unique voice for the brand, by creating truly innovative pieces out of strictly natural materials like solid wood, steel, marble, cork, blown glass and wool. The result is completely contemporary and cool but without being garish or gauche. A perfect fit for A+R, I thought…

Flash forward 6 months to a delivery unpacking at A+R East. I’d waited patiently for months for the cargo ship to arrive from France; we all had, as Andy and Rose had discovered the line at its Spring launch at Salone del Mobile in Milan. I knew exactly what I wanted. I snagged an aluminum Vulcain Lamp as soon as the box was opened. It’s still the only La Chance piece I own, but it will hold a special spot as the first. I’ll enjoy building my collection, seeing what pieces are to come, and having la chance to create the future I want to live in (well, as far as my furniture is concerned).

La Chance is available at A+R East and at (Click through slide show photos to learn more about each item.)

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