Tune In: Jay-Z’s Art Attack

  • Jay-Z performs at the Pace Gallery in New York City.

  • Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic

It’s always so encouraging when creative geniuses are sharing what inspires them with the world. Even more so when it comes on an almost daily basis. Entrepreneur and hip hop mogul Jay-Z is intent on giving the public a piece of his mind with his blog, Life And Times, which covers everything from fashion to music, art and design, technology and sports.

The latest on Jay-Z: in a performance art piece at New York City’s Pace Gallery during which he performs “Picasso Baby” from his new album Magna Carta…Holy Grail for six hours straight, he dances for a bit with Marina Abramovic. (In the case of another musical titan, Lady Gaga sees his brief Marina collaboration and she’ll raise him a Jeff Koons; she recently announced her collaboration with Koons, Abramovic and other celebrated artists for her new album/app ARTPOP. Art stakes.)

It’s even clearer now that good musicians are almost never just musicians; they’re actors, style icons, and in Jay-Z’s case, superstar bloggers. Shawn Carter’s online curation of what rocks his world is nothing less than thrilling, and the documentary film, Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film, on his six-hour performance at the Pace Gallery, debuts this weekend. As if that wasn’t incentive enough to add his blog to your daily dose of news.

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