Six, Eight, It’s Time To Celebrate

Six years ago this weekend, Andy and I said “I do” in front of 76 dear friends and family at sunset on a Baja Cali beach.

We took over La Fonda Inn, a place we’d both visited for years before we met (my family always stopped there for the zany Sunday brunch on our jaunts back up the coast). Together, Andy and I first visited the funky compound on our third weekend of dating back in January 2005. Nine months later we feted the opening of A+R.

Andy proposed (on one knee, no less!) on a beach in Nicaragua during an April 2007 holiday. We were already a little more than year-and-a-half into A+R, and as part of his offer to make our personal partnership “official,” he suggested we tie the proverbial knot at the place we first traveled to outside of L.A.; in front of those we adored being around most and; most oddly at the time, have my friend Bryan Rabin officiate the marriage (of all the cuckoo things Mr. Rabin’s done, presiding over a wedding was not among them).  Six months after that afternoon on a Nicaraguan beach, we were overlooking another piece of ocean in Baja, after stepping off a bus we hired to take everyone from Silver Lake to La Fonda.

From our Friday night showcase of “Tequila, Tacos and Talent Show” that had friends participating in some very surprising and imaginative talents (including Michael Schmidt’s black balloon animals, a skill he honed on the trip down) to our wedding midnight bonfire on the beach (from which Adam Silverman gathered ashes and crafted one of our most treasured gifts) and that over-the-top brunch the Sunday morning after, the entire weekend was truly the most fun wedding I ever attended. The fact that I got to go home with the groom and live happily ever after was just the frosting on the 3-tier cake! (Thank you Jen Gross for carefully trekking that down from L.A.)

Thank you everyone who was there for making it a weekend to remember. And thank you Andy for making it a life worth making memories.

So that is how A+R came to be. Well, at least one chapter in the story…

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  • Blanca Apodaca

    That was on amazing wedding weekend! From A+R to A+R+N: life just keeps getting better! Congratulations!

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