Observing A Day With(out) Art: World AIDS Day with L.A. Eyeworks

For a song, we can come together to consider what a day without art would be…and most significantly, a day without the mind-blowing artists who’ve been compromised or lost to HIV and AIDS. For 24 years, December 1 has been observed as a Day With(out) Art/World AIDS Day. And for just as many years, the mind-blowing creatives at the iconic eyewear design brand l.a.Eyeworks—Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds and their madly inspiring team—have collected a single song from friends for a playlist that, along with votive stations and red ribbons in their stores, serves as an act of remembrance and a gesture of hope.

The playlist can be accessed in print or, aurally/visually on YouTube.

It’s always so interesting to read and listen to the dozens of submissions and accompanying commentary by l.a. Eyeworks’ friends such as RuPaul, Ann Magnuson, chanteuse Morganne, architect Neil Denari, geneticist Mike Jacobs and others. With fellow weirdo Lou Reed having passed away recently, his songs were invoked more than a few times, including “Perfect Day,” and including by yours truly. Instead of requesting another song choice, the nice folks at l.a. Eyeworks opted to “honor the original impulse.”

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