Happy Birthday Andy!

  • This Arrogant Bastard is for you: Go on, enjoy ol' man!

Today marks the birthday of the one and only Andy Griffith, our singular commander on this ship of design fools.

Of course, the festivities got underway Saturday night when my other half in A+R and I whet our collective whistle at the Stone Brew Company store in Pasadena with a pint of Andy’s preferred IPA, Arrogant Bastard.

From there, we headed to Sushi Kimagure Ike, the chef Hiroshi Ikeda’ eponymous sushi house. Andy’s been following Ike-san, as he’s better known, forever, and it’s at the counter of his former digs in Hollywood where Andy took me for our first proper date. And it’s Ike’s where we returned for beautifully prepared sushi and overflowing thimbles of sake on other milestone nights in our life together. This time, Ike prepped an omakase dinner that ranks among our favorite meals ever, including an off-menu dish that came about after he and Andy started dazzling our counter neighbors with talk of sushi preparations and history.

The celebration continues tonight, and tomorrow…

Happy Birthday Andy.

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