Colors of Fall 2014 According to Pantone

  • What you'll be colored like for Fall 2014. Scan through slide show for a description of each color.

It’s still 3 seasons away, yet fall is already on the minds and runways of those who make a living considering how our own lives will look then. Color is a driving factor, and all worlds of design—be it furniture or fashion—turn to that universal Oz of all hues making up the rainbow, Pantone. With New York Fashion Week getting underway today, Pantone publicly announced its top 10 fashion colors for fall.

“The whole theme of this season is that color transcends time and place,” reports Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone’s Color Institute in New Jersey. “Designers are not saying, ‘It’s fall—we really have to have an orange or this or that. [The season's theme] takes you in an entirely different direction—be that through art, travel, landscapes or even retro design. This season is really all about ingenuity, imagination and artfulness.”

Consider the culture’s fixation on elevating even the most mundane into an art, as in “the art of cooking” or “the art of tabletop display.” The terms “curation” and “artisanal” are so misused and overused that they risk losing their power. Maybe they already have. Yet that isn’t easing the deluge of advertisers, mass production food makers, big box online shopping sites and others from enlisting these terms.

“Designers are trying to establish wardrobes that have more of an artful presence,” notes Leatrice. “They understand that, unlike before, customers want to get a little fun and creative with their wardrobes. It’s as if they’re saying, ‘Let’s not be quite as serious.’”


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