Coachella Part 1: A+R Manager Conor Ford’s Top 5 Festival Hits

  • The perfect pairing with my festival-issued wristband is this leather one by Venice-based Cast of Vices. It's also available in silver, gold and new rose gold.

  • Hydration is essential. The festival offers free water filling stations. But as they’re strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), I'll be toting my Therm-O bottle by Ovo Pur.

  • Sleek, small and effortlessly cool, the Minimalist by Capsule is the perfect wallet when I only need a few essentials and nothing else.

  • The party doesn’t stop at the polo fields. The convenience of the Switch, this wireless, Bluetooth speaker by Native Union, lets me relive the day in any part of my hotel room from any device.

  • With a half-dozen stages on back-to-back schedules and the desert sun wreaking havoc on my internal clock, I’ll be relying on my 203 Watch by Uniform Wares to keep me on time.

  • Small enough to roll up and keep in my backpack, this quilt is fantastic for the mid-day pre-show power nap on the grass.

It’s that time of year again for the mass exodus to the desert know as the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. I’m looking forward to catching most of this first weekend’s lineup—specifically Outkast, Disclosure and Banks.

While the polo fields are trampled under the hordes of tent dwellers, I plan to enjoy the weekend in style and comfort. Think more road trip to a riad than a reprise of Woodstock. To that end, these A+R picks will not doubt optimize that enjoyment in style.


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