2015 November Archive

The R+A Behind A+R

By: Andy and Rose

As we mark this winter 2015-2016 season by celebrating a decade of A+R, it’s telling in this age of Amazonian retailers and “boutique” brands backed by VC’s, that there are always clients surprised to learn that there really is someone behind the “A”—Andy Griffith—and the “R”—Rose Apodaca. (Yep, and we count on an amazing team […]

Opening in A+R’s La Brea Showroom

By: Rose Apodaca

We are hiring. A+R is seeking a highly motivated, self-disciplined, full-time Design Adviser with experience in sales and customer service. A background in management or desire to grow into this responsibility is welcome, as opportunities become available at our fast-growing business. Celebrating a decade in retail design this year, A+R has developed into an internationally […]