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“Puppy Love” for Our Super Bowl Beauty

By: Rose Apodaca

Who are we routing for this Super Bowl Sunday? A+R friend Melissa Keller—a.k.a. as Mrs. Artigas, the beautiful other half of Artless designer Alex Artigas and sister-in-law to jewelry designing sisters Tere and Gabriela Artigas. (Both Artless and Gabriela Artigas are much loved at A+R…come to think of it, so is the entire Artigas family, […]

Help Us Love Deborah Sussman Love L.A.

By: Rose Apodaca

A splash of green is needed, and fast, to paint a full picture of one of the most influential American graphic artists, Deborah Sussman. Called the queen of color, Deborah’s joyfully vibrant supergraphics and visual vocabulary (a standout is the program she designed for the 1984 Olympics), have created a graphic lexicon that continues to […]

Oscar Night? We’ll Be Shouting For “Fresh Guacamole”!

By: Rose Apodaca

What does it to take to be an Oscar contender? One-hundred-five seconds. Or so it is in the talented hands of the animator who, under the nom de animación Pes, created the cheeky “Fresh Guacamole.” The 1 minute-45-second stop-action short, which was painstakingly created without computer effects, also has the distinction of the shortest film […]