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The R+A Behind A+R

By: Andy and Rose

As we mark this winter 2015-2016 season by celebrating a decade of A+R, it’s telling in this age of Amazonian retailers and “boutique” brands backed by VC’s, that there are always clients surprised to learn that there really is someone behind the “A”—Andy Griffith—and the “R”—Rose Apodaca. (Yep, and we count on an amazing team […]

La Chance pour le Futur

By: Conor Ford

Thirty minutes into a recent conversation with a client about Mid-Century design, we both came to the conclusion we preferred French to Danish. But in my head I wondered, ‘why is that?’ My thoughts must be loud, because the client answered back: “It’s aesthetically better because of the proportions.” Hauling anything up five flights to […]

How Do You Live With That?: 1600 Vine

By: Rose Apodaca

In this edition of HDYLWT, we visit 1600 Vine in Hollywood, a luxury apartment complex, and specifically 1 of 4 units designed and staged by 8 ASID interior designers. The project was part of the recent Los Angeles Design Festival and Dwell Labs/LA, and a partnership among Dwell Media, LLC and Klein Financial. Interior designer […]

West Side Home Tour 2013

By: Conor Ford

We’re thrilled to serve as the box office this Saturday morning for the West side leg of the hotly anticipated Dwell on Design Home Tours series. Five homes in A+R West’s backyard, nestled in the beach-side communities of Venice and Santa Monica and selected by Dwell Magazine editors, will open their doors to some 500 […]

High Five to this Hi-Fi

By: Conor Ford

I don’t know about you, but I live 95% of my life against a soundtrack. Music keeps my mind balanced and my soul active. Something with such resonance in my life deserves the best possible form of delivery. Symbol Audio serves up a stunning option with the Tabletop Hi-Fi system. More fine furniture than routine stereo, […]

Time Flies

By: Conor Ford

Peaceful, beautiful, serene. Probably not the first words to pop into our heads when we think about a clock. In today’s world, we’re more likely to have the words “appointment,” “deadline” and “late” flash across our brains in red neon when confronted with a time piece. But what if we replace the clock’s unsympathetic digits […]