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What is A+R?

More like who…A+R is us, Andy and Rose.

We connected in a salsa club in Hollywood just shy of entering the 2005 New Year. The thrill continued nine months later—after escapades in Mexico City, Seville, Fez, Paris and Seattle—when we opened a tiny shop near our Los Angeles home to share the innovative design we found. From the get-go, we forged a reputation on breaking new modern design and new brands to the North American market—frequently being first to retail a product outside a designer’s home country.

We called it A+R—a name reflecting our initials. Lesser-known is it also means “artists and repertoire,” referring to those in the music business who scout and mentor talent and bring them to market.

We do this now, as always, and we are thrilled to be known for taking risks and launching the work of designers, fledgling and established, from around the world.

Our prior careers involved showcasing little-known individuals or concerns and telling the world about them—Andy, as a sound engineer and then documentary editor for the BBC, Channel 4 and indie filmmakers; Rose, as a style and culture journalist and editor for two-plus decades, most recently as the West Coast Bureau Chief for fashion-beauty industry bible Women’s Wear Daily and as contributor to W. She continues writing features for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, and has authored books for Rachel Zoe (Style A to Zoe), Fred Hayman (The Extraordinary Difference) and a beauty guide for her long-time pal, neo-burlesque star Dita Von Teese (Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Beauty).

It’s a good thing we found one another! Since childhood—Andy growing up in the U.K. and Rose in Southern California—we each have had this innate, relentless need to turn up and track down new kicks. It was on one of those adventures, in Nicaragua in April 2007, when Andy proposed. We wed in Baja that fall. Our daughter, Nina, entered our lives in 2010 and she hasn’t eased our pace!

Our family also counts the amazing team who are as excited as we are about new design, new restaurants, new art and new experiences. They keep our retail showroom on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles a place of action and inspiration for our clients, including interior designers, architects, and design enthusiasts of stripes.

Find all about our world at aplusrstore.com and here at the official A+R blog, Life By Design.Unedited.

Thank you for visiting! Andy Griffith, Nina, Rose Apodaca.Valentine's 2013